How To Pack For A Trek

without which you cannot survive. It could be a phone charger or even toiletries. The list of essentials varies from person to person. Be it a short duration trek or a long one, you must carry things in a much systemic manner so that you do not regret later and spoil your mood.

So here is a complete guide on how to pack for a trek that you can use for your upcoming treks.

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Places in India that resemble foreign locales

We all have a bucket list to travel around the world at least once in our lifetime. From cities like Newyork, USA to islands like Dharavandhoo, Maldives. But did you know that there are resembling places in India, that are equal if not more beautiful than tourist spots in other countries and it is even friendlier to the pocket for you to explore the beauty of nature?

Its time to add new places to visit on your bucket list. Go on and look at these picture-perfect places in India that resemble foreign tourist spots and some are even better than the foreign locales we have been seeing in Bollywood movies.

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Considering International Travel? Read this first…

While the pandemic has rendered air travel arduous, it’s not an impossibility, as thousands of people still need to fly for various reasons — whether to get back home to their family or to travel to another place for work.

One such passenger shared her travel experience to Hong Kong, and many people are calling it “the future of travel” due to the meticulous checks and precautions taken by the staff and other officials at the Hong Kong airport. Journalist Laurel Chor travelled from Paris to Hong Kong via London and documented her experience by live-tweeting.

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Facebook group that allows users to travel the world.

As stores and workplaces remain shut, people are staying confined to their homes, and perhaps, their phones. Even as we hope for life to crawl back to normalcy over the next few months, travel seems like a distant dream.

‘View from my window’, is a wholesome group that consists of nearly 2.3 million members. The group allows users across the world to post one photo of the view outside their window, with a simple set of rules: ‘No video, no people, no zoom.’ Just post the view as you see it. Have a look at these amazing pics from around the world.

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