Advanced technologies present in Chandrayaan-3 Lander Vikram

Chandrayaan-3 is the country’s hottest topic right now. However, the race with the Russian lunar mission Luna-25 has made it an international sensation. All eyes are on both missions to see who lands first on the moon. The Indian mission carries a lot more scientific muscle and brain.

Let’s have a look at the advanced technologies present in Chandryaan 3 Lander Vikram to ensure that it lands on the moon at any cost.

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Top 10 secrets of Happy Moms

In today’s society, mothers often struggle with self-doubt and feel pressure to meet unrealistic expectations imposed by the media. Despite this, there are some mothers who have learned to let go of these expectations and find fulfilment in motherhood.

By adopting a positive mindset and focusing on your own happiness, you, too, can experience greater joy in your journey as a mother. Let us explore these top 10 secrets of Happy Moms.

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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Colors can convey a lot of meaning. There may have been times when you found a particular color alluring, maybe because it represented your mood in that moment. However, if you remain attracted to a single color for a long period of time, it could be an indication that the color reflects a portion of your personality. Almost everyone has a favorite color.

Read to find out what your favorite color reveals about you.

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How are celebrities slowing down ageing?

Ageing might be inevitable but it definitely can wait, at least for these beauties! Some celebrities are just the living inspirations that we need. Isn’t it unbelievable how you’ll see a heaven-hell difference in even in your year-old pictures but these divas manage to look the same since forever?

We attempt here to look at some of their secrets, rather simple things that they do right, to understand how we too can have the same youthful face and body like them. Curious? Read on to know all about it!

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Earn up to 5 Lakhs By Exchanging Old Coins And Notes

The hobby of collecting old coins and notes can now help you earn good money. Yes, you heard it right. By simply sitting at home, you can turn your hobby into a business and can become a Lakhpati.

With the websites and online platforms enabling easy discovery the sellers are able to find high paying buyers for the rare collection. If you own a rare piece, you can earn up to 5 lakhs by exchanging old coins and notes.

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Free Quiz APPs To win Real Money

After a couple of weeks, the lockdown can really get to you, unless you have something to engage your mind with and keep you busy. Interesting quizzes can be engaging… addictive too, but what’s better is that now you can win some real money when you play quizzes.

You heard it right, real moolah. So without any further ado, here are a few money-making quiz apps that might intrigue you.

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Best mobile deals across eCommerce websites

Smartphones have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. They helped us do a lot more than just staying connected with one other. Phones have, undoubtedly, benefited us immensely in learning new things and broadening our horizons.

But it can be quite a task to find the right phone especially when one is on a budget. To help you we thought of bringing to you the best mobile deals from across eCommerce websites.

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Earn MoneyFEATUREDShareables

How to Earn Money on ShareChat

There are many platforms that help homemakers, freelancers and college students make easy money. Some of these are genuine and some are not. One such legit platform to earn money, which isn’t talked about much, is ShareChat. It is a powerful Indian platform where you can join different chatrooms as per your own preference. It has 180m+ monthly active users and an app value of over $3 billion.

Want to learn how to earn money on ShareChat? Stick along and find out how.

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EntertainmentFEATUREDQuick Reads

What Do These Optical Illusions Say About Your Personality?

There are times when we see something that puzzles us and make us look again. This is an optical illusion, which is nothing but images or pictures that we perceive differently than they really are. Did you know that these optical illusions can tell a lot about the viewer’s personality?

Well, now that you know, are you curious about what do these optical illusions say about your personality? Let’s check these illusions out!

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FEATUREDFree FireGames

How To Get Unlimited Diamonds In Garena Free Fire

Free Fire extremely popular in India and it very well deserves to be so. The importance of diamonds in the game can only be understood by those fully devoted to the game. Diamonds can be used to buy new characters, skins, weapons, emotes, and much more. If you’re a Pro gamer, you know what we are talking about.

The diamonds are expensive to buy, hence we are here with some steps on how to get unlimited diamonds in Garena Free Fire.

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