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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Colors can convey a lot of meaning. There may have been times when you found a particular color alluring, maybe because it represented your mood in that moment. However, if you remain attracted to a single color for a long period of time, it could be an indication that the color reflects a portion of your personality. Almost everyone has a favorite color.

Read to find out what your favorite color reveals about you.

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Google Doodle Games to Cure Boredom

All the time indoors, due to the pandemic, has resulted in excessive boredom for all of us. This made Google come up with the idea of showcasing some of its most popular Google Doodle games from the past to keep its users entertained during the pandemic.

Google Doodles also feature a game once in a while. Here’s a compilation of top 10 Doodle games featured by Google so go check them out to kill your boredom!

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Photoshop Troll Who Creates Hilarious Edits on Request

James Fridman is known as the master of photoshop who takes photo requests too literally — he’ll give you exactly what you asked for but in a twisted kind of way, deliberately delivering you the best photoshop fails ever.

He’s established quite a fanbase for himself over the years, and you can request photo edits from him yourself — just be careful, because he is a huge troll. His Instagram handle is @fjamie013 and he can be found on Twitter @fjamie013 and @jamesfridmanpage on Facebook. Guess what? even wikipedia has a page on James Fridman. So go ahead and enjoy his work but do read till the end to know another aspect of his personality.

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Laughable South Indian and North Indian stereotypes

If you are a South Indian living in North India or the other way around, you are bound to face some amount of culture shock. We all have some predefined assumptions and stereotypes about the other, most of which are oftentimes just ridiculous, and yet each side has a strong belief that these stereotypes hold and anyone who doesn’t conform to the stereotypes is probably an exception. Read on to find out what these stereotypes are.

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Typical Things Desi Parents Do

Indian parents just have a different way of parenting. They don’t understand the concept of privacy. Dating is not allowed but they believe in ‘marriage at first sight’. We are their ‘baccha’ no matter our age but they’ll also be ready to disown us over a failed test. Their sole goal for you in life is to get rich and give them a grandchild. But no matter what they do or say, it’s all done with good intentions and comes from a place of love and care.

As out loving tribute to all Desi parents we bring to you some of the most hilarious memes on typical things Indian parents do.

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10 Gruesome Original Versions of the Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, fairy tales were filled with murder and torture rather than a true love’s kiss or happily ever afters. Back in those days when storytelling wasn’t a business but just an act of passing down these stories to the next generation, maybe people didn’t care about happy endings or moral/ethical leaning of the good and bad characters.

In 2016, the original first edition of the Brothers Grimm Fairy tales was translated to English for the first time, leaving people shocked over the gory details of the stories. Although thanks to Disney, we may remember these stories a bit differently. So read on to find out the dark and disturbing original versions of some popular fairy tales…

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Street Photographer Who Secretly Clicked Strangers’ Text Messages for 2 Years

Jeff Mermelstein, a New York based photographer, released a new photo book in July 2020 aptly titled #nyc. The book is a collection of secretly snapped pictures of anonymous text conversations between the citizens of New York, taken over a period of two years.

Have a look at these pics – The context of these conversations are all over the place — there are discussions about cats, chemo, politics, hair removal procedures, and also some not-so-PG texts.

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10 Bizarre Phobias You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

As a child, we all had a monster under our bed. Fear is as real and all-encompassing an emotion like love or joy and as we grow our emotional response to various things change, except for a few things that leave a strong mark on our mind.

Phobias aren’t uncommon and humans are known to have phobias for the entire documented history but some of them can really blow your minds off. Here are some of the weirdest phobias.

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Google Assistant Games and Features to Kill Boredom

Google Assistant can do more than just give you directions or call someone from your contacts. Read ahead to find out more about what it can do — all you need is a Google account and a compatible phone.

From playing games, quizzes, scheduling your day to jokes, there’s a lot more to google assistant than what the name suggests and its a lot of fun.

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Funny parody movies you shouldn’t miss – Part 1

Parody movies take films we’re familiar with and make fun of them through gags, jabs and imitations. They take you in a different world of imagination where heroes aren’t as heroic and goof-ups are so common. The best part? You don’t really need to watch the original movies they were inspired by to fully enjoy them.

Here are some of the best parody movies of all time which will make you shed tears of laughter!

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