Why men love red lipstick more than any other color

We all know that Red color that attracts men more than other colors. Several studies show that men tend to fixate on women who rock the red lips but why is it so? Is it so because red means warmth, positive energy and motivation or because Red lips look fierce and competitive to men?

Is it just a psychological phenomenon or is there more to it than what meets the eye? Let’s explore to understand the underlying reasons.

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Nykaa’s brilliant Influencer strategy to sell products

Nykaa created a niche and exploited the sweet spot with a well-executed strategy. It is an open secret that Nykaa uses influencers to promote its products, but the secret sauce is their execution. Many brands have followed suit, but Nykaa remains the shining example of influencer marketing.

Want to know more about Nykaa’s brilliant Influencer strategy to sell products that resulted in a blockbuster IPO? Read on to know all about it.

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How are celebrities slowing down ageing?

Ageing might be inevitable but it definitely can wait, at least for these beauties! Some celebrities are just the living inspirations that we need. Isn’t it unbelievable how you’ll see a heaven-hell difference in even in your year-old pictures but these divas manage to look the same since forever?

We attempt here to look at some of their secrets, rather simple things that they do right, to understand how we too can have the same youthful face and body like them. Curious? Read on to know all about it!

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These are secretly inducing your acne!

“And one fine and important day, I woke up with an adult pimple at the centre of my face!” Relatable? Well, pimples surely have their ways. Don’t you worry, we’ve got you.

Apart from the common causes like climate, pollution and genes, there are a number of things that induce acne but are surprisingly less known! Are you having acne because of them too? Read on to know more about these acne causing things.

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Rati Tehri Singh – The best beauty blogger of India

When Rati co-founded IMBB, with her husband, she was an English Honours graduate. In her journey to be professional makeup, she had taken training under various makeup artists of India, London, Paris.

Rati’s beauty reviews include advice to her followers on the products they should use based on their skin tone but the reason behind her popularity is her candid views on the product outlining the cons of the products as well. She launched a blog in 2009 which has now transformed into a great platform with visitors from around the globe.

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Websites To Get Free Samples Of Great Products

Be it makeup, skincare, beverages, or even food; we all are a bit skeptical before buying anything for ourselves or for our families. Buying a big jar of a new product released in the market is not always preferred by everyone. Worry not! there are many sites that offer free samples to their users. Yes! you heard it right, absolutely free products. So stick along and get some free products for yourself as well.

If you are a sampling person, here are some cool websites to get free samples of great products.

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Divas before and after Plastic surgery

Bollywood celebrities are known for their physique and their appearance. No doubt some of these actresses are naturally blessed with good features.

However, its an open secret that some of these actresses have had a little extra help – that is plastic surgery. Many actresses in Bollywood had undergone cosmetic surgery. Some of them were successful while some gone bad.

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Facial exercises for a younger look

What is it that makes a face look beautiful? The most accurate answer is ‘a face with no flab and smooth toned skin’. Regular facial exercises improve the blood flow to your skin cells with the necessary nutrients. A healthy blood flow stimulates skin cell regeneration and prevents wrinkles.

Let’s take you through a holistic set of facial exercises that take care of almost every part of your face. Read on and follow!

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Glamorous Plus size beauty pageants

Be skinny or go home? Nah, not anymore! Gone are the days when your size held you back. Today, people are embracing their bodies and are confident in themselves. Now, you can just be YOU and walk the ramp, win beauty pageants and take over the world. The only effort you have to make is to remember that you are than what the mirror tells you.

Wanna know more? Here are the perfect beauty pageants for plus-sized people!

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21-year-old MUA Is Creating Makeup Looks Inspired By Desi Snacks

Divya Premchand, Dubai based is a makeup artist, seems to think that these snacks deserve to be appreciated a lot more than they are given credit for.

This beautiful diva does an amazing job of celebrating these amazing desi snacks by turning them into cool makeup ideas. Click to watch makeup ideas ranging from Lay’s to Poppins and Hajmola… even Maggi!

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