Best mobile deals across eCommerce websites

Smartphones have become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. They helped us do a lot more than just staying connected with one other. Phones have, undoubtedly, benefited us immensely in learning new things and broadening our horizons.

But it can be quite a task to find the right phone especially when one is on a budget. To help you we thought of bringing to you the best mobile deals from across eCommerce websites.

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Apple Reveals iPhone 14 Price Shock

By the mid of every year, everyone’s eyes are on Apple: their upcoming launches, new technology, features and most importantly the price hike of every product. With that being said, Apple leaks release a lot of information about the iPhone 14. Want to know what made waves this time around?

Instead of unveiling some great feature, this time around Apple reveals iPhone 14 price shock. Read on to know the price.

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Superb Gaming Phone Realme GT Neo 2

After the Realme GT and Realme GT Master Edition, the company has gone upmarket with the latest launch of its Realme GT Neo 2 in India. The Realme GT Neo 2 is a series that lies between Realme GT and Realme GT Master Edition. It is nearly perfect for any gamer.

The product was launched along with other Realme products including a streaming stick, speakers, gaming accessories, and more. It is available for purchase from 17 Oct 2021.

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