Online Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win Big

The two trends that have been rocking the Indian online gaming scene are Rummy Apps and Fantasy Cricket. Both are very engaging, need skills to win money and they also serve the desire to compete with others and win over them. Fantasy Cricket apps that need knowledge of the game of cricket, players and factors affecting the outcome of a game or player performance. On the other hand rummy apps just need the knowledge of the game of Rummy and some practice. And then you can always find good online rummy tips and tricks to win big.

Rummy is a very simple game that is so engaging that it is almost addictive for those who have learned to play the game well. While there are different variants of Rummy, Indian Rummy Apps are based on the Indian variant i.e., Indian Cherokee Rummy or Paplu. In Indian Rummy, all players are dealt 13 cards to start with. Each player has to then draw and discard cards by turn until one of the players is able to arrange cards in 3 valid sets.

There are 2 kinds of valid sets – a run (three or more cards in sequence) and a set of three or more cards of a kind. For winning a hand at least two sequences, one of which must be “pure” are required.

Difference between Online Rummy and Physical Rummy

The biggest difference is that when you play physical rummy, you know the players, their skill level and how they behave under different circumstances. Whereas, in online rummy, you play against unknown players. Secondly, during a physical game, you can read the expressions and reactions of other players which is practically impossible in the case of online rummy. Therefore, in online rummy games, one has to rely completely on one’s game skills.

Lastly, online rummy is very fast-paced as compared to physical rummy and therefore needs higher levels of concentration.

Tip #1 Observe

Observation is the best Rummy skill that you can acquire with practice. Don’t just be focused on your cards and if any of the discarded cards are of use to you. It is important to observe which cards are being discarded by each player. And don’t forget to notice which cards are being picked by them from the discarded section.

Without this knowledge, you will be playing almost blind and the chances of a win will be dismal.

Tip #2 Predict

Use your observation to predict what each of the players is building. For example, if you see that a player has picked 5 and 7 of spades then you know that the player is trying to build a run for 5,6,7 of spades. Or if someone has picked a 7 of two different suits then you know that the person is creating a set of three 7s. Use this information to adjust your strategy.

Tip #3 Deceive your opponents

Deception is a hard-earned skill but a very powerful one. You should not try it too early in the game and wait till you have observed what each player is trying to build. It is difficult because you have to first perfect your observation and prediction to confuse your opponents with fake moves.

For example, if you pick up one or two cards from the deck and discard the lower value cards initially then you may upset other players mentally. They will be forced to think that you are going to declare the game, sending them into a discarding frenzy. This can be helpful when you need more moves and you want other players to be busy chasing ghosts.

Tips #4 Start building the pure sequence first

A pure sequence is a group of 3 or more consecutive cards from the same suit, for example, 2 ♥ 3 ♥ 4 ♥ 5 ♥ OR 10 J Q . It is important to note that you can’t use a wild card to build a pure sequence. You should try and build a pure sequence from your first 13 cards.

If it is present then you can start working on other sets but if not then you should first complete your pure sequence. This reduces the points towards the end of the game.

Tip #5 Be mindful of the joker

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We just mentioned that a joker can’t be used to build a pure sequence. Therefore a logical conclusion from the same is that you should discard the cards that are in sequence with the Joker card. For example, if 9♥ is the joker in the game then you should discard 7♥ 8♥ and 10♥ as players can’t use them to meld a pure sequence.

At the same time, you might trick inexperienced players into picking these cards from discarded section if they are excited about having a joker. If they don’t know that joker can’t be used for pure sequence. This way you will have 1 less player to worry about as that person cannot win with such a pure sequence.

Tip #6 Discarded cards picked

This is related to the observation skill. We all know that whatever we discard should not help other players, as that is a sure-shot recipe for losing. If you keenly observe which cards are being picked by other players you will be able to predict the sets that other players are attempting to build. Once you understand that you might be able to make it difficult for them to complete their set.

For example, if you see that a particular player has picked 6♦ and 7♦ from the discarded section then you shouldn’t choose 5♦ or 8♦. Also, if you have cards 5♦ or 8♦ then you should hold them for as long as you can and discard them towards the end.

Tip #7 Lure inexperienced opponents with higher cards

Most experienced players discard higher value cards as they give too many points when you lose the game. However, your opponents might be trying to build a set or sequence of higher cards if they pick up the higher value card. You can lure such opponents in picking up the higher value cards that you discard. This is a classic rummy trick and you can use it in online rummy as well.

Tip #8 Continuously reassess player strategies

Online rummy is a game of patience and focus that you can’t lose at any time. Don’t think that you have understood the game of other players and therefore you can stop observing their moves. Each player tends to adapt and change strategy in the middle of the game based on their own observations.

Hence, if you want to be on top of the game then you will have to continuously observe the game of each player. Any observed shift in strategy might be able to save the game for you if you counter it in time.

Tip #9 Pick a peaceful place and time

This is the most overlooked aspect of online rummy. Players tend to play online rummy anywhere and anytime just because they can play it anywhere anytime. As mentioned above that it is a game of patience and focus, therefore, you should pick a peaceful place at a time when you won’t get disturbed or distracted. More often than not, players lose money when they lose focus.

Tip #10 Quit at the right time

As legendary Shakespeare said – All’s well that ends well. Knowing when to quit the key to maximize winning or minimizing your losses. Rummy is a game of skill, patience and nerve but emotions don’t play any role. The greed to win more or recover your losses may lead to losing money more often than not.

Play as long as you are enjoying the game. Control your greed if you have already won enough. The overconfidence from a long winning streak will result in you losing money instead of winning more. If you are not doing well on a certain day then be dispassionate about it and quit for that day. As you start losing the stress levels increase and your thinking gets clouded so if you have already lost quite a bit then don’t continue

Most importantly, do not forget to practice. Practice a lot before you start playing with more cash, there are no shortcuts in gaming also. We hope you will benefit from these online rummy tips and tricks to win big. If you know any other tips then please do share in the comments below so that other readers can also benefit from the same.

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