Free Quiz APPs To win Real Money

After a couple of weeks, the lockdown can really get to you, unless you have something to engage your mind with and keep you busy. Interesting quizzes can be engaging… addictive too, but what’s better is that now you can win some real money when you play quizzes.

You heard it right, real moolah. So without any further ado, here are a few money-making quiz apps that might intrigue you.

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Only a genius can solve all these puzzles!

We know you all love puzzles, they come handy to kill time nicely, especially when we are all locked-in and oh! those memes and TikTok videos seem to get boring day-by-day. We believe its time for us to tease your brain a little.

Here are 6 puzzles, some easy – some wicked, for you to solve and then share with your friends and family. Solve these and check the answers at the end. Share with your friends to see how they fair.

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