Only a genius can solve all these puzzles!

We know you all love puzzles, they come in handy to kill time nicely, especially when we are all locked in. With those memes and TikTok videos getting more and more monotonous and boring day-by-day, solving puzzles sounds like a great idea, at least to me. I believe it’s time for us to tease your brain a little.

Here are 6 puzzles, some easy – some wicked, for you to solve and then share with your friends and family. Solve these and check the answers at the end. Check out the answers at the end but no cheating!

1. We’ll get you started with an easy one!

Illusion puzzle
How many matches are there in the picture? This will strain your eyes a bit but it’s worth it!

2. Let’s see if your math skills have improved!

Puzzle age
You don’t wear a pair of different color socks… do you?

Oh, by the way! Don’t forget to leave your answer in the comments below.

3. Adding some logic to math

Logic Puzzle
Try to think out of the box and shed your biases!

4. Time for higher maths

Maths Puzzle
Can you measure the height of the seat of the couch from the floor?

Just another reminder, leave your answers in the comments, and don’t forget to share this page on your social media page.

5. Enjoying it? Here’s another one to keep you going!

Number Puzzle
Find the corresponding value for 6!

6. And the final puzzle for today!

Parking Puzzle
What’s the parking lot number on which the car is parked?

That’s all folks… for now! We are sure you did well. We’ll soon come up with more quizzes so like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to keep in touch.

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