Author: Sheena Mathur


Rati Tehri Singh – The best beauty blogger of India

When Rati co-founded IMBB, with her husband, she was an English Honours graduate. In her journey to be professional makeup, she had taken training under various makeup artists of India, London, Paris.

Rati’s beauty reviews include advice to her followers on the products they should use based on their skin tone but the reason behind her popularity is her candid views on the product outlining the cons of the products as well. She launched a blog in 2009 which has now transformed into a great platform with visitors from around the globe.

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Easy recipes when away from home.

It is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are living alone. When someone stays away from home the most missed thing is home-cooked food. The Covid-19 pandemic not only forced everyone to stay home but also forced everyone to try their hand at cooking also.

So now that you have grown comfortable with your kitchen, how about trying some delicious and yet easy recipes when you are away from home.

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Divas before and after Plastic surgery

Bollywood celebrities are known for their physique and their appearance. No doubt some of these actresses are naturally blessed with good features.

However, its an open secret that some of these actresses have had a little extra help – that is plastic surgery. Many actresses in Bollywood had undergone cosmetic surgery. Some of them were successful while some gone bad.

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Facial exercises for a younger look

What is it that makes a face look beautiful? The most accurate answer is ‘a face with no flab and smooth toned skin’. Regular facial exercises improve the blood flow to your skin cells with the necessary nutrients. A healthy blood flow stimulates skin cell regeneration and prevents wrinkles.

Let’s take you through a holistic set of facial exercises that take care of almost every part of your face. Read on and follow!

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Only a genius can solve all these puzzles!

We know you all love puzzles, they come handy to kill time nicely, especially when we are all locked-in and oh! those memes and TikTok videos seem to get boring day-by-day. We believe its time for us to tease your brain a little.

Here are 6 puzzles, some easy – some wicked, for you to solve and then share with your friends and family. Solve these and check the answers at the end. Share with your friends to see how they fair.

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Biggest mind bending illusions of all times

Optical illusions are images or pictures that we perceive differently than they really are. Put another way, optical illusions occur when our eyes send information to our brains that tricks us into perceiving something that does not match reality. We present to you the most famous optical illusions that you can’t just figure out in one look. Have a look for yourself.

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Comics we used to enjoy as kids in 80s and 90s

For most adults today, the decades of ’80s and ’90s were a wonderful period for fans of comic books. Remember the times when we could not wait for the summer vacations to start so that we could go to our nearest book stores or libraries?

A lot of amazing content was created in that era with the superhero’s nestled in a well-structured story line. These interesting stories were often mixed with other folk tales and loved by all of us. Let’s take a trip down the memory lane with some of these amazing comics of 80’s and 90’s featuring Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv, Archie’s, Chacha Chaudhary, Billu, Pinki, Batman, Tinkle, Spiderman, Sandman, Flash Gordon and many more.

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Best horror comedies to watch with family

It is difficult to sit in confinement of the four walls for many days so instead of thinking about the pandemic you should engage in activities that help you relax.

Everyone has their own ways of relaxing and watching good movie figures on top of the list for many of us. For a change, instead of suggesting blockbuster action or romantic flicks, we thought of listing horror-comedies for you where ghosts made us laugh.

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Mahabharata: History or a Grand Fiction?

All Indians have grown up hearing tales and watching Mahabharata, the great Indian epic. Mahabharata is always associated with Hinduism and has an immense impact on Hindus and their cultural traditions. Mahabharata in many ways has sculpted Indian culture and beliefs.

Is Mahabharata a reality or just a tale? Well, readers across the world have their own beliefs and views on the same, giving rise to a great debate. Let’s have a look at the history, facts and logic supporting the case.

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Haunted places in India that are just too scary to visit

Ghost stories thrill all of us, but how will you act if you are faced with such powers in real?

We all try to be valorous when it comes to watching horror movies with friends but the real deal is in facing the supernatural. Whether you are a daredevil or someone who would like to stay away from the very thought of ghosts, here are some of the most haunted places of India for you to visit/ avoid. Whether they bring fear or thrill to you, there is something eerie about these places for sure.

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