Things you should avoid on Valentine’s day

With Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, love is definitely in the air. Whether you’re single or found the right one already, you’re most likely to be clueless and prone to making relationship mistakes on Valentine’s day. But this time, we got your back!

From tips on how to NOT turn off your bae to how to spend an amazing “Me time”, read on to know things that you should avoid this Valentine’s day!

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Savage Replies Destroying Pick-up Lines

Pickup lines are a reality of life and you can run and hide but you can’t avoid them. Eventually, you will get one. Yes, I’ve faced it too and so did you. Pick-up lines can be cheesy too, well they mostly are, but hit me if I’m wrong, isn’t it the best feeling in the world to be able to have a savage comeback?

While we’re at it, there seem to be some pros, the comebacks of whom are sure to make your day. These beauties with brains (and a sense of humor) totally destroyed those cheesy pickup lines. You ask how? Well, check for yourself!

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Best dating apps for Indians – Which one’s for you?

The ongoing pandemic has pushed the digital ecosystem into an overdrive. Now we have apps to remind us to drink water, help us do yoga, pay all bills online, stay connected with friends and then there are Dating Apps. The dating and matching apps have become very popular and have seen a rush of activity lately. There are a bunch of such great apps. All you need to do to find your perfect match is swipe right or left.

However, a little research before you jump the gun doesn’t ever hurt. Click to read the article to know why Tinder might not be the best app for you to find your someone special or to know what’s all the hype around bumble or Happn.

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Things to avoid on the first date

As life has started to return to normal, we all are connecting with our lost connections. In this journey, you might meet someone with who you may find common ground and decide to go on a date with that person.

It is normal for someone to be nervous, goofy, confused or overconfident on the first date and eventually acting in a manner that might put off their date. Here’s what you must avoid on your first date.

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Celebs Who Cheated on Their Partners

The starry world of movies shows our favourite stars falling in love with the “One” girl in the movies and getting married and living happily ever after. Reality check, life isn’t a ‘happy ending’ movie. There are umpteen stories to believe that our celebs are no better in handling their instincts when they meet someone exciting – someone other than their spouse. With so many pretty faces around, Fidelity is difficult to maintain.

Here is the list of celebrities’ infidelity and some names are so loved by the fans that it might even shock you that they indulged in adultery.

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