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Why men love red lipstick more than any other color

We all know that Red color that attracts men more than other colors. Several studies show that men tend to fixate on women who rock the red lips but why is it so? Is it so because red means warmth, positive energy and motivation or because Red lips look fierce and competitive to men?

Is it just a psychological phenomenon or is there more to it than what meets the eye? Let’s explore to understand the underlying reasons.

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Best fantasy cricket apps in India.

Indians love cricket and because of this love for the sport Fantasy Cricket apps have become a craze. New apps keep coming and today the options are endless. The best part about these apps is that you can try playing for World Cup Cricket, T20 Match, IPL Fantasy League, Big Bash, CPL 2020 and more.

IPL 2021 is around the corner. Are you also already wondering which apps to trust? We have a list, have a look.

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Free FireGames

Free Fire MAX Features, Launch date and Specs

There has been so much buzz about Free Fire MAX of late and it is not without a reason. Garena Fire Free fans are waiting for the MAX version with bated breath. Along with the excitement, there is also some confusion about the launch date and features of MAX.

If you are also confused whether MAX is a new game, a different app or just an event, then breath easy, here’s all you need to know about Free Fire MAX. Read on!

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Best Instagram Tips and tricks

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networks. There is a lot more to it than just posting photos and videos. You can use it to edit photos and save them without posting, decorating your profile with special fonts, scheduling photos and videos, and much more. If you are a content creator then you need to know Instagram inside-out.

Read on to know everything you need to master the social network.

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Taapsee is in Rajkumar Hirani’s next movie

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Rajkumar Hirani’s upcoming film will be based on Immigration, in which he can be seen playing the role of an NRI who moves from Punjab to Canada.

Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu is quite busy with her film projects these days. She will be seen opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the yet-to-be-named movie. This is the first time Tapsee will be working with any of the Bollywood Khans. Read on to know more.

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Almost unrecognizable make-up transformations in Bollywood Movies

Bollywood has become very challenging. Everyone seems to be in a race to do something different and unprecedented. The actors are concerned about how well can they portray the characters. This may vary from looking extremely old to having specific facial features. Such transformations aren’t easy.

Here is a list of the most impressive makeover done in movies that make these famous faces almost unrecognizable.

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Urban-desi artists you can’t miss listening to!

If you are someone who’d reach out for your headphones first thing in the morning and the last thing at night then you sure are someone who’s in love with music. And here’s a treat for all those who like to experiment with their music. As a music lover, I often get tired of istening to the same playlist and if that’s the case with you try some Desi-western music on my recommendation.

Well, for starters urban-desi music is, as the name suggests, a fusion of desi (Indian) and western music, and its the hottest thing around these days. If you’re considering updating in your playlist then these you should definitely check out these Desi-Western artists.

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Super cool phone accessories you might not know about

Our phones are something that we keep close by, something that is a part of our day-to-day lives. They’re so portable, just keep them around in your pocket. You can increase your productivity and style by adding a few awesome phone accessories.

There are hundreds of phone accessories so it’s tough to keep track of what to buy. Here’s a list of some of the best that you might not know about.

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10 movies to watch when missing your friends

Back in the day, with all the work, college, busy schedules and family it used to be hard to catch up with our besties. Now, as we are put under a sort of house arrest by a tiny virus, we all wonder what a big part of our life are we missing without meeting our friends. These might be testing times for all relationships but with friends we don’t have to think worry, but we all do miss them.

But no sweat! The next time you miss your friends, you can pop on one of these epic movies based on friendship that will bring you comfort (you might even cry).

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Color Psychology – How brands use Colors to influence you!

Colors play a significant role in human psychology and brands have been using it for improving their sales. It may seem odd but the significance of colors in how people perceive different products is very crucial. Different colors strike differently hence some colors trigger assurance while some incite rage and energy.

Know all about the color psychology used by the brands to influence consumer decisions, your decisions!

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