If you reside in these 6 states, don’t play Fantasy cricket cash games

Fantasy cricket, in India, has become as popular and engaging as the game of cricket itself. Fans celebrate a cricket series not just for watching some good cricket but also to test their cricketing skills and for the chance to win real cash. Is it legal in India to participate in a fantasy cricket league or any other sport?

It absolutely is! But if you belong to these 6 states then don’t play Fantasy cricket cash games.

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10 Extremely Ridiculous Lawsuits That Actually Happened

It’s not uncommon for people to try and sue companies over the most frivolous of things. It is easy to find loopholes and take advantage of the judicial system for their own gain. But some of the ridiculous lawsuits crossed the boundary of sanity grossly. So much so that the activists and politicians had to push for law reforms to reduce the number of such cases.

Have a look at some of these most absurd lawsuits.

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