When Bollywood Celebs Trolled The Trolls with epic comebacks

The internet is a wondrous place. you get to see all sorts of things here, whether good or bad. Yes, those cute cats from across the globe make us go crazy but with the good stuff online, you can always find things that are just negative. But when it comes to social media, it is #Trolls that you encounter before anything else. The power of commenting anonymously has always been misused and the internet has handed over this power to just about anyone.

#Bollywood celebs have the power of social media, this is a way for them to connect and communicate with their fans. But this has changed the meaning and game completely. This has just become a way for them to see abusive rants and useless- opinions about their lifestyles and so on.

Trolls are inevitable, as soon as you are remotely famous or someone who has an opinion, you are bound to have trolls. Bollywood celebs have made it clear that they will fight back and in a witty way. Here are a few #epic #comebacks that brought down the trolls on their knees.

1. Priyanka Chopra

People who have all the time in the world decided to point out the fact that the actress was not wearing the proper dress code when she met the Prime Minister of India. Apparently wearing a calf-bearing dress is considered. inappropriate.

She addressed the situation with a post, with the captions “Legs for days”. A simple comeback. Perfect!

Not the first time she has had to go through this. The trolls forget that Priyanka is a former Miss World and that this beauty with brains can own those dimwits before they can say Jack Robinson.

She shut down the troll factory when her armpits went viral. Yes! ARMPITS! supposedly they were believed to be airbrushed for a magazine cover. She Flaunted her armpits and shut down the trolls and used hashtags #armpitdiaries #nofilter and #WillTheRealArmpitPleaseStandUp to dare the trolls.

2. Shah Rukh Khan

His shutting down trolls are just as much of a treat as his interviews are. His #AskSRKs on Twitter are totally worth going through. He can be equally entertaining on Twitter as he is on the screen… and a lot funnier.

And it is not uncommon for the #Badshah of Bollywood to receive unusual requests from fans every hour of each day and some of them do get to his nerves. And then, this happens 🙂

epic comeback from celebs

3. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam is an utter savage when it comes to replying to trolls. She gives such misogynistic comments saying her to curb from giving opinions about political issues.

Sonam kapoor epic comeback

Trolls beware, this reel-life Neerja doesn’t give up so next time you better go trolling someone else.

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epic comeback from Bollywood celebs

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