The real reason behind Ameesha Patel and Anil Sharma’s online spat!

Filmmaker Anil Sharma, director of “Gadar 2,” shared his perspective on actress Ameesha Patel. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, he mentioned that while Ameesha can sometimes come across as having an attitude, she is fundamentally a kind-hearted individual. Anil acknowledged the ups and downs in their relationship but still referred to her as a good person. He also noted that when he initially cast her as Sakeena in “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha,” he considered her a weak actor and required six months of training for the 2001 film.

Anil Sharma on Ameesha Patel’s attitude

When asked about his current relationship with Ameesha, Anil Sharma stated, “Mera rishta kabhi kisi ke sath kharab nahi hota. Tu-tu-main-main bhi hui, theek bhi ho gayi. Ameesha ji ka nature aise hi hai. Pichli Gadar ke dauraan unse meeting ke dauraan tu-tu-main-main ho gayi thi. Woh bade ghar ki bitiya hain, unke mizaaj thode bade hain, magar dil ki buri nahi hain, dil ki achhi hai. Bade ghar ki beti jo hoti hai kabhi kabhi tunakmizaaji aa jaati hai. Hum log chote ghar ke log hain. Hum log pyaar mohabbat se rehte hain. Woh bhi rehti hain, but thoda sa attitude, ek adaa hai unme jo kabhi kabhi tedhi-medhi ho jaati hai, lekin insaan achi hain (I have good relations with all. I’ve had my disagreements with her, but that’s her nature. She comes from a rich family, and she carries that attitude. I’m a simple person, who lives with love. She does, too, but sometimes her attitude gets in the way. But she is a kind-hearted person).”

In July, Ameesha had claimed that Anil Sharma mismanaged the Gadar 2 shoot. Anil responded in an interview, stating, “I have no clue why she said all of this. All I would like to say is that this is all false, none of it is true. At the same time, I would like to thank Ameesha Patel. She made my production house famous.”

On Ameesha’s acting skills

Ameesha Patel is enjoying the box office success of her movie Gadar 2 with Sunny Deol. She made her Bollywood debut in 2000 with “Kaho Na… Pyaar Hai” and also starred in “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha.” Anil Sharma discussed her acting abilities in the same Bollywood Hungama interview, mentioning that when he initially cast her in “Gadar,” he didn’t consider her a very skilled actor.

He said about Ameesha, “Chaand jaisa chehra chahiye tha. Acting mein thodi weak thi. Maine Nitin Keni (producer) sahab se kaha, ‘Suit to mujhe ye kar rahi hai lekin ek dusri ladki hai wo better actor hai.’ Magar yeh personality-wise, ameer ghar ki ladki hai to wo iske andar wo baat hai, wo attitude hai (I wanted an actor with a face like the moon. She was weak at acting. I told Nitin Keni that another girl we’d shortlisted was a better actor. Ameesha had the personality of someone who hails from a rich family, and an attitude).”

Anil Sharma then recollected that he had informed Ameesha that she would need to undergo training for at least six months, and she agreed to it. She dedicated 4-5 hours to her training sessions, during which Anil guided her in getting into the character of Sakeena.

Despite differences and initial challenges, they both played significant roles in the success of “Gadar,” and Ameesha Patel’s recent comments about mismanagement during “Gadar 2” production brought further attention to their collaboration. Ultimately, their shared experiences have left a mark on the world of Bollywood cinema. Like this post? Don’t forget to check out our other short stories in our Quick Read section

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