Most bizarre products you can buy online

The internet never fails to amaze me whether it is the news, technology, or shopping products online. While most of us are focused on buying tech gadgets, clothes, books, etc. online, some people are more interested in the bizarre products you can buy online. While these products can be super crazy but sometimes these can be very useful if we try to look past their oddity.

There are dozens of such weird and bizarre products available with various online retailers today. We have compiled a list lets see how many you find to be useful or weird.

Before you have a look at these products, we’d like to caution you about some very graphic (read yukky) products and images.

Cowdung Cakes

bizarre products you can buy online cow dung
Source: Amazon

This may sound crazy but yes numerous sellers are selling dried cow dung cakes online. Something which can be procured for free but the urban population doesn’t have access to this resource naturally.

Fake Dog Poop

ridiculously bizarre products you can buy online
Source: Amazon

This could be your next gag gift to one of your close friends. This cool product or gift is capable of freaking out anyone at the very first glance. You can purchase this on Amazon for ₹250

Fake Puke

grossly bizarre products you can buy online

Another great product to create a hoax either at a gathering or at your friend’s place. This item is made out of rubber and to add an extra layer of authenticity there are few chunks added to it. Yukk!

Grass Slippers

extremely bizarre products you can buy online

You must have heard that walking on the grass is good for your health. Well, this product tries to bring that experience right with it. This product can bring a big lawn under your feet.

Zombie Defense Solutions

bizarre products you can buy online

Well, there is no harm in staying prepared for the apocalypse. There are numerous sellers online that are helping us to stay on guard. You may want a piece for yourself too.

Aiming Sticker

For those who tend to miss the aim this sticker will help you just fine. And on the other hand, it’s not a bad idea to have it in your loo anyways if you expect a lot of guests. Hahaha, I do like this one!

Baby Shower Shield

Not all products can be categorized as bizarre or crazy, some may turn out to be useful and this is one of those. Every parent looks to give his / her baby a nice warm bath and this hat cum shield helps you perfectly.

Gas Odour Neutralizer

Well, this product will always come in handy when unbearable flatulence issues will give hard time in public places. This will help you in those guilt-free farts. This product is a cotton-based pad, hence away from being public eyesight.

There are much more crazy and bizarre products you can buy online but we’ll stop here for today. Keep checking Piccle for more and you can also check out our next post about worst shopping fails.

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