IPL 2021 Points table just before 2nd phase

All IPL fans have waited for a long for this moment to arrive. IPL is starting in 2 days and even though it isn’t happening in India we are still happy that we will get to see our favourites fighting it out. As much as Covid Pandemic derailed IPL, our undaunting spirits made it possible to continue the games that got paused earlier. As we anxiously wait for matches to start, let’s have a look at the IPL 2021 Points table just before 2nd phase begins.

IPL 2021 Points table
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Even though IPL was suspended on 4 May 2021, we got to see some fantastic play before the matches were stopped. We saw Shikhar Dhawan, Faf Du Plessis and Sanju Samson having fun with the bat. We also witnessed Harshal Patel as the new emerging star of IPL. Have a look at the highest runs and wickets takers in IPL 2021 so far.

IPL has always been linked to glamour and brilliance. We also saw such brilliant individual performances from player from across teams and nationalities.

The beauty of IPL is that it makes a cricket fan rejoice, celebrate, scream and cry about players’ performances irrespective of the team or nationality that they belong to. IPL is so much more than a tournament, it is a celebration of the spirit of Cricket itself.

There is a lot of cricket ahead of us with the T20 World Cup starting just 2 days after the IPL 2021 final. The first match of T20 WC 2021 will be played on 17th Oct 2021 between Oman and Papua New Guinea kicking off the Group stage plays. A total of 45 matches will be played in T20 WC 2021, however, not each match might make sense to all the cricket fans in India.

Every match in IPL, on the other hand, is equally exciting. We hope that many old records will be broken and new records will be written in this season of IPL as well. You may want to read about the Seemingly unbreakable records in IPL.

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