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How to Earn Money on ShareChat

There are many platforms that help homemakers, freelancers and college students make easy money. Some of these are genuine and some are not. One such legit platform to earn money, which isn’t talked about much, is ShareChat. It is a powerful Indian platform where you can join different chatrooms as per your own preference. It has 180m+ monthly active users and an app value of over $3 billion. Want to learn how to earn money on ShareChat? Stick along and find out how.

Tips to Earn Money on ShareChat App

Refer & Earn 

How to Earn Money on ShareChat
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ShareChat pays people who refer the app to their near and dear ones. You just have to promote the app to people using different mediums or a direct referral link. You earn INR 40 for every referral, however, you can only send 20,000 referrals in one month. For successful referrals, you get the referral money in the form of ‘Lifafa’. You can redeem the first and second Lifafa instantly. For the others, there’s a four-day waiting period.

Champion Program

A Champion Program is offered by the app where users have to make five videos using the camera of the ShareChat App with their own audio and upload the same. Within a few days after uploading,  a star icon will be displayed on the profile after which they can start the program. Using his program, users can earn up to INR 50,000 which gets transferred to Paytm Bank.

Affiliate Marketing 

How to Earn Money on ShareChat! affiliate marketing
Source: ShareChat

People use Youtube and Instagram to do affiliated marketing and earn money. ShareChat is also one such platform where you get a fixed percentage on the price of the product or service. You can promote products/services on the platform and claim your commission once you are able to successfully sell a product.

Bring more traffic

You can make use of Instagram, Youtube Snapchat, or any other social media platform to bring in more and more audiences to SharChat. This will not only increase your visibility on these platforms but when people use your referral programs you will get Lifafa as well. A lot of users share their referral codes on social media platforms. At the same time, they also use social media to get more and more users to visit their profile and affiliate marketing postings. The more followers you will get, the more options for earning money will open for you.

Paid Promotions

How to Earn Money on ShareChat Paid Promotions

If you are an original content creator, Sharechat is a great platform to attract followers. Active content creators with a big following can earn money, on the app, through paid promotions. They can give shoutouts to brands and organizations and get money from the same. Once you cross 15K-20K users, you will be able to

ShareChat App is a powerful social media app that lets you earn money apart by offering you entertaining videos and memes. Do let us know in the comments section down below any other ways by which you can make money on ShareChat. Also, check out our Earn Money section to learn about more such ways to earn money online.

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