Best Valentine’s day gift suggestions for him and her

The one day of the year when everyone is ready to express their love, to make it public, to go out of the way to show your significant other that they mean the world to you. For those who are single, this is the day to make your move on the ones you are crushing on. A thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift is the best way to express your affection.

It’s not just that one day, you get to celebrate love the whole week. Valentine’s week is of 8 days. This week starts on February 7 and ends on Valentine’s Day. People tend to spend time and express this love. There are several ways to show that you love someone. Whether it is dinner or a short trip.

Here’s to ditching the same old boring ideas and doing something a little different this year.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas 2021

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved”

George Sand

Flowers, chocolates and jewels may be the obvious gift, but this year let’s make things unique and special:

1. Hoya Kerrii Heart Potted Plant

This plant is heart-shaped, has thick leaves and is called the lucky-heart. Definitely an amazing gift idea for this Valentine’s.

hoya kerri valentine's day gift
Source: Fernsandpetals

You can order this romantic plant in a valentine’s day suitable packing from ‘Ferns and Petals’ ( in India.

2. Polaroid Camera

For those who love to capture moments, there is nothing better than a polaroid camera.

polaroid camera valentine's day gift
Source: Fujifilm

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera might be a good choice to gift to your beloved.

3. Bath Bombs – The best Valentine’s day gift

Tired after a long day? Need to relax? Sometimes all you need is self-care and some relaxation. Bath bombs are the perfect way to help your significant other feel relaxed and loved at the same time.

bath bomb valentine's day gift

This fragrant gift will make your bond with your valentine stronger. You can buy bath bombs from, or

4. Gift coupons for his/her Favourite brand

Nothing says that you love someone, by letting them shop their heart out, of their choice.

gift vouchers valentine's day gift

5. Real flower jewelry

Flowers and jewelry both are loved by women, and how nice would it be if these two can be combined? This is a reality now as you can now buy jewelry with real flowers embedded within.

real flower jewelry valentine's day gift

You may buy this from This lovely combination will surely cheer your valentine up.

6. Paid subscription as Valentine’s day gift

Get them a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, etc. Anything they like. They’d think of you every time they watch something.

7. Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

To those who love photography, nothing would be better than giving them a gift that would be of use. Get them a set of lens for their smartphone. Maybe even ask them to take pictures of you :).

8. Gaming accessories and in-game gift packs


Gift a gaming accessory, game pass, best player outfit, guns and ammunition or anything related to his favorite PC game.
You can buy these at

Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love. Although with Desi parents it may not be as easy but you should definitely try these. Do let us know if you do try any of these Valentine’s day gift ideas in the comments below.

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