What exactly does it mean when Girls say NO?

For generations, Indian society has conveniently created meanings of what a Girl says as per what suited the male-dominant societal system. From Bollywood songs defining what a girl’s laughter or her no means to elders in the house who would find some logic to attach some meaning in a girl’s silence.

We want you to hear what today’s Girls’ mean when they say NO.

No means No
It just means NO
No means no
Don’t conveniently term my Silence as yes. I can speak if I meant to say Yes.
My indecision doesn’t indicate a Yes and till I say Yes it’s a NO!
You must realize that if you misinterpret or misuse this, I might stop liking you as well.
That’s direct if you can’t take cues.
Let me be me, my NO is my right!
That’s my last defence and now you should really understand… and just walk away.
It certainly doesn’t mean I want importance OR that I want you to try harder. A NO just means NO.
… and if you thought otherwise, I hope you think differently now!

Please share with men and women alike. Don’t assume that all the women you know (including your mother, sister, spouse, neighbours, friends or boss) are empowered enough to speak up.

Likewise, do not assume that all men you know (including your father, brother, spouse, neighbours, friends or boss) are sensitized enough to hear what is being said.

Let’s start the movement to teach our society that #NomeansNO

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