Top 10 Indian superstitions

We imbibe superstitious beliefs since our childhood. While logical reasoning can be ascertained as the root of some of these beliefs, most of them hold no grounds. As these beliefs are passed from one generation to another their origin is forgotten and eventually, most of these are followed blindly.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Indian superstitions that are still followed by most without knowing why we believe in them.

1) Eye Twitching

Indian superstitions Twitching eye

It is considered that the right eye twitching is good for men, and the left one brings bad news. It’s vise versa for a woman, which means right eye twitching is bad and the left one brings good news.

No one knows how it started but you’ll often find people enquiring, “does it mean good or bad if my left eye is twitching?”

2) Bird droppings bring luck.

If a bird drops shit on your head or shoulders it is believed “that money is on the way” or a sign of good luck. If this is true then I am ready to go to a cornfield and become a scarecrow. Another baseless superstition that might have been started to stop people from hating (and thereby hurting) birds.

3) Glass breaking brings bad luck

broken glass indian superstitions
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The Superstitious belief of glass breaking brings bad luck has come all the way from Egypt. One possible reasoning could be that glass was rare in earlier times and pretty expensive, hence this misbelief was created to make sure people handle glass with care.

I can’t say about bad luck but I vouch for money loss for sure after I had to pay dearly for a new screen when I dropped my iPhone a few months back.

4) Spots Of Safety

Kaala Teeka Indian supersitions

Even as people freak out on noticing black spots on their skin but a general belief is that putting a small spot of kajal on a baby’s forehead protects it from evil spirits. This tradition has been passed down from many generations and it has no specific reason for it.

5) #NoMeatday

Indian superstitions vegetarian day
Source: NDTVindia

You might have heard of vegetarians, non-vegetarians, eggitarians, vegans and other food preferences. However, India is the only place where you will find that people’s food preferences change by the calendar.

A significant percent of non-vegetarian Indians do not consume non-vegetarian food on Tuesdays, Thursdays and/or Saturdays. There are many different beliefs, mostly related to religion, behind this practice but no plausible reason.

6) Senti-moments before beginning a work

We would see our loved ones standing near us with a spoonful of curd and sugar before we step out of the house to begin an important work. It is believed that this superstitious belief came behind the theory that sugar gives energy and curd consist of good bacteria for our digestive system.

The beauty of Indian culture is that while most children and youngsters don’t believe in this, they still happily follow it as it gives peace of mind to their elders.

7) Ek Rupay Ki Keemat Tum Kya Jaano

Be it a wedding or any other occasion, while giving money we will always add one rupee coin shagun to it. The one rupee holds more value than any amount. Another practice that has no reasonable explanation.

8) Sour and Spicy

This is one of the most commonly visible superstitious acts. You might have noticed a string of seven chilies and a lemon outside homes and in cars, it is a charm to keep away evil. It’s believed to come from Hindu legend, Alakshmi, the goddess of misfortune. This goddess likes sour and spicy food and so she satisfies her hunger with the lemon and chilies and returns without stepping inside your property.

Maybe that’s why when our mothers or wives are angry, the best way to avoid that bad luck is Pani poori. The science behind it is believed that it is a natural repellent for mosquitoes.

9) Idols drink milk on special days

Indian superstitions gods drinking milk

It first happened in 1995 and the news spread like a wildfire despite the fact that there were no mobile phones back then. It is just amazing to see that people can believe just about anything they want to especially when it feeds to their other superstitions.

10) Money Plant and Laughing buddha brings money

The large belly of buddha symbolizes happiness, luck and prosperity. Even though the belief originated from China, there are many in India who firmly believe the same. Also, people keep the money plant at home with a popular superstition that the house owners get more money if there is a money plant inside the home.

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