Top Female Gaming Influencers In India

Many people believe that video games, car racing, or any other such high-rush games are only meant for boys. Like every other stream, girls are showcasing their talent in gaming as well. And we are not talking about casual gaming, they are taking away the limelight from boys in competitive gaming. They aren’t just pushing their way into the male-dominated esports scenes and breaking stereotypes but also making a lot of money as influencers. Let’s get to know some of the top female gaming influencers in India.

Top Indian Female Gaming Streamers

Payal Gaming

Top Female Gaming Influencers In India Payal gaming
Source: YouTube

YouTube Subscribers: 2.28M

Instagram Followers: 1.1M

Payal Dhare is a 20-year-old gaming video creator. She also has her official gaming channel named Payal gaming. She streams live and has posted more than 100 videos on her youtube channel to date. Payal has played against some of the biggest players in India, like Scout, Mortal, Mavi, etc.

She’s not to be mistaken as a gentle damsel because of her cute face as she’s fierce when it comes to competitive gaming.


Sherlock Top Female Gaming Influencers In India
Source: TvGuidetimes

YouTube Subscribers: 205K

Instagram Followers: 70k

Monika “Sherlock” Jeph is a female Indian Streamer. She is also a content creator for the popular Esports Organisation, S8UL. She was the only female player in PMCO: Fall Split for the team SynerGE Retribution. Monika earns up to  $85-$1.4K per month from her YouTUbe streams and videos.

Kaash Plays

YouTube Subscribers:  539K

Instagram Followers: 74.6K

Kaashvi Hiranandani is a gamer from Mumbai who along with streaming also makes content for Esports Organisation Samurai ESports. She streams regularly at 9:30 PM IST on her YouTube channel. She has done BSc(Hons) from the University of London. 

Shazia Ayub (Mysterious YT)

Top Female Gaming Influencers In India Shazia Ayub (Mysterious YT)
Source: YouTube

YouTube Subscribers:  328K

Instagram Followers: 25.2K

An interior designer by profession and gamer by passion, Shazia has made her mark in the gaming industry. She has been streaming for 2 years now. Shazia AKA Mysty started her gaming career by playing games such as Mario and Road Rash when she was in school in Kolkata. Then she switched to PUBG and BGMI. She gives the credit for her transformation from a normal girl to an influencer entirely to PUBG.

Kani Gaming

Source: Facebook

YouTube Subscribers:  260K

Instagram Followers: 163K

Known by her stream name; Kanika Bisht is also popularly known as Hydra Kani. She is a  BGMI streamer and owner of Call Of Duty Mobile Esports Team Resistance. Her YouTube channel is filled with content on COD Mobile. Kanika earns around $1.5K-$24.5K from her YouTube streams and videos.


Source: YouTube

YouTube Subscribers: 224k

Pari is a professional PUBG Mobile player. She also possesses an 8Bit clan. She streams without a face cam and is all about her game. This faceless gamer has participated in the finals of the PMSC 2018. Pari’s face might not be visible but she is very entertaining on stream because of her commentary and candid reactions.

It’s not always the boys who get the chicken dinner every day! Do let us know in the comment section down below any other female gaming streamer whose streams are entertaining and fun to watch. Also, don’t forget to check out our games section for more fun posts like this one.

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