They Had Only One Job

Are you surrounded by numerous “Sharma Ji ka beta(s)” who seem to do everything right? So am I. After all, how can we not? Indians specialize in pointing them out! Well, for every ace there are 10 bodgers as well.

While they may be invisible to the relatives’ eyes, here’s a list of people who couldn’t pull off the only job they had. To err is so very human but there are times when you see what’s happened and you realize maybe these are superhumans when it comes to making silly mistakes. Read on for some blunders and their hilarious results!

I got my way” – Marijuana

I can bet that there was no faster way to get the entire town stoned and I can also bet that many residents might be thanking these cops too 🙂

Very compelling message to seek cooperation!

It will pass in the first look but if you look carefully you will notice the missing ‘L’ from the word ‘public’. Oh my, it just changes everything!

And their job was to motivate…

Yeah well, if that guy is the one who is supposed to motivate people then they might as well give up already.

The right thing to do!


When You Bunk Kindergarten Classes…

Looks like a case of amnesia with the poor guy because I don’t think anyone can forget what those ‘long yellow things’ are called… esp when one is behaving like a monkey.

Something Doesn’t Seem Right

Ah yes! Now we need to figure out whether he put the faucet in the wrong place or did he mess up with the fitting of the basin. Regardless, it’s going to be a painful job to use this one.

Glad He Didn’t Slip Into A Coma!

There is a reason you have ‘Enter’ key on your computer keyboard. But the doctors might not understand because it is the patient who will have to deal with this $h!t.

Fill it, shut it and forget it too!

Even if one is colorblind, one can’t really make this mistake….unless, one doesn’t know how to read. On second thoughts, the box of strawberries also has a picture of strawberries so even education doesn’t have to do anything with this mistake.

They just had to make it wheel-chair friendly

If you discover the use of the balconies, please let me know

Well, there can be a simple explanation, maybe the guy didn’t want robbers to use the balcony and therefore he thought it was best to forbid the use of the balcony for all.

‘Ice’ don’t lie

It is funny but if you try to pronounce slowly “IEC” actually sounds like “ICE”.

Guess these guys were just space-d out!

Punctuation matters. These are very hard-hitting proofs of the same. I can only imagine the expressions when the top boss in the company must have seen these ads.

Talk about vacations…

This guy didn’t commit a mistake I think. He just wanted to humiliate his boss for making him work the weekends as well.

Well, it was something to do with the memory that he forgot about!

Which one do you think is the ultimate fail? What was your most humorous fail? Let us know in the comments below!

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