These 2 teams are predicted to be IPL 2021 finalists

IPL craze is reaching its peak now. All the surprises, high and low scores just keep making it more and more interesting. When IPL season 14 resumes in Dubai, it was difficult to say who will win this year. However, we are now clearly looking at the teams that are much stronger than others this season. After 23 matches in the second leg, one can say with enough confidence that these 2 teams are predicted to be IPL 2021 finalists.

Ever since the second leg started the predictions from past cricketers and celebrities started pouring in. This time most of them seem to be agreeing on the top 4 teams at least. It is never too easy to predict a winner due to all the ups and downs that IPL is known for. Therefore we are only going to bring to you the top 2 teams that we think will make it to IPL 2021 finals.

Who all predicted IPL 2021 finalists?

On September 25, 2021, ex-cricketer and bowling legend Shane Warne had tweeted his opinion about IPL 2021 probable winner. He made the prediction for Delhi Capitals to lift the trophy. Delhi Capitals seem to be a very strong contender for the season 14 title of IPL, so it is not an unusual prediction.

IPL 2021 finalists prediction by Brian Lara
Source: Twitter

On the other hand, Indian ex-cricketer Akash Chopra’s prediction is different. As per him, the top 4 teams will be Delhi Capitals, Chennai Superkings, Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. He gave a lot of credit to Delhi Capitals for their superlative performance last year as well as in this season. However, as per him, it will be CSK and MI who will make it to the finals.

He placed his bet on Mumbai Indians to win this year as well and claim their 6th title win. Earlier former Kiwi cricketer Scot Styris about MI to win IPL 2021 title. Former England captain Michael Vaughan has also predicted the same.

Chora also went ahead to predict the Purple Cap and Orange Cap winners for this season. He opined that Delhi Capital’s Avesh Khan will win the Purple cap. Also, that Shikhar Dhawan, again from Delhi Capital, will be claiming the Orange cap. We also believe that since Dhawan has been left out of the T20 world cup squad he will push himself harder.

Cricketing legend Brian Lara went out wholeheartedly in support of Royal Challengers Bangalore to win IPL 2021. Brian also said, “I expect Virat Kohli to shine with the bat, and also his captaincy.” Lara wrote on his Instagram

RCB can’t and wouldn’t allow the bottom place team, SRH, to put a dent in their confidence at this crucial stage of the IPL. RCB would also want to finish in the Top 2 for an easier route to the finals. RCB will dominate SRH

Brian Lara

Indeed, Kohli has shown once again that he speaks more fiercely with his bat and RCB have already qualified for the play-offs. But only time will tell if Lara’s prediction holds true.

One of the earliest predictions, even before the first match of the second leg of IPL 2021, had come from Kevin Pietersen. The former England Captain is very active on social media and is known for making accurate predictions. Kevin has put CSK on the top pedestal based on the team’s superlative performance in the first leg of the tournament.

He also put a lot of emphasis on performances from MSD, Moeen Ali, Faf du Plesis and Sam Curran. He said that these players will have to perform for CSK to win the title.

Who will be the IPL 2021 finalists?

We believe that it will be a repeat of the IPL 2020 finals. We’ll get to see Rishabh Pant-led DC and five-time winners MI fight each other in the final once again. Our prediction is based on the game data so far, team and individual performances. It is also important to see how the current matches are stacked up. Who knows if this time MI will pick their 6th title or if they will be trumped by DC. DC boys indeed seem to be in their best form. They lost Mumbai Indian in the finals last year but that will make them work harder this year.

RCB and Mumbai Indians are surely there in the Top 4. As for RCB, we have always seen Kohli losing the plot at the last moment in IPL. It might be a jinx for the fantastic cricketer and one of the most successful captains. Kohli has not been able to bag even a single IPL title. The last time RCB made it to the finals was 5 years before. We believe that it takes a lot more than individual brilliance to make it to the final hence we have a doubt here.

Chennai Super Kings, on the other hand, hold the records of most appearances in the playoffs and they have made it to the finals 5 times. Only CSK can make our prediction go wrong. If they come to finals by pushing out Delhi Capitals, then we stand corrected. They have achieved their highest win ratio in IPL 2021 edition. This makes them a very strong team to turn the tables in a single match.

Predictions in cricket are as old as the game itself. However, most of the predictions are biased with personal opinions and likes or dislikes for a particular team. Come October 15 and we will know if our prediction could hold the test of time. If you want to read more about sports then check out our Sports section. If you are interested in fantasy sports then do check out these Pro Tips on winning in Fantasy Sports.

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