How to run two WhatsApp accounts on a phone

Whatsapp is, more or less, the default chatting app used by Indians. The messenger app provides seamless communication over text, audio and video calls, irrespective of the distance. However, the only challenge with the application is that one account can run on a single device, which defeats the purpose of buying a dual sim mobile phone.

But you need not worry now! We are going to explain how to run two Whatsapp accounts on a phone.

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Privacy policy clarification invites memes on Whatsapp!

While announcing the Whatsapp new privacy policy, the Facebook management wasn’t ready for the mass outflux of users, forcing them to issue a clarification and postpone the policy enforcement. This led to a flurry of memes on Whatsapp’s privacy policy clarification.

From Mark Zuckerberg to Whatsapp employees/ headquarters, the memers had a field day creating memes that voiced concerns of millions of users. Check these out!

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Signal – the new favourite messaging app

After beating Whatsapp to be the “Top free app” on App store in India, Signal is the new big thing for people ever since the privacy policy of WhatsApp has been updated. With the Feb 08, 2021 deadline approaching many are moving to Signal and Telegram apps already.

But why is the world going gaga over Signal, and even the world’s richest person, Elon Musk is recommending it? Here’s everything you need to know!

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How safe is Whatsapp?

With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp is one of the biggest and popular instant messaging apps. More than 65B messages are shared through this channel on a daily basis. It would not be wrong to presume it to be the second biggest social media platform after Facebook.

WhatsApp was founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton sold their messaging app to Facebook in 2014 for $19 Billion and joined the Board of Directors. But both of the co-founders of the app left the parent company i.e. Facebook just after 4 years of it being taken over. The reasons for such an action or step would have been considerably serious. There are multiple reasons as to why we all should reconsider using WhatsApp to share our personal details and sensitive data.

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