Best Instagram Tips and tricks

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networks. There is a lot more to it than just posting photos and videos. You can use it to edit photos and save them without posting, decorating your profile with special fonts, scheduling photos and videos, and much more. If you are a content creator then you need to know Instagram inside-out.

Read on to know everything you need to master the social network.

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Top 10 Instagram Reels Tips and Tricks

Instagram Reels is a video-music blended feature where you can promote your business and your social links easily, sell merchandise or increase your following. Today Celebs, TikTokers, Instagrammers and marketing companies are using this option to promote themselves. But what exactly does it take to harness the power of Reels?

We bring to you the best Instagram reels Tips and Tricks to achieve your social goals.

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Best Instagram filter apps you must have

Internet is something that is available to everyone these days, which means most of the population is on social media. One of the most used apps is Instagram. It is mainly about getting likes and to get likes it is important to have aesthetic pictures.

We all want aesthetic pictures, but editing is what makes a picture: Picture perfect. And these Best Instagram filter apps are as popular as Instagram itself.

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All that you need to know about Masoom Minawala!

Masoom Minawala, a fashion blogger who is gaining fame by the day, she is more commonly known as #MissStyleFiesta. She is an ideal fashionista; so much so that a lot of people are inspired by her multi talented nature. She is a very family-oriented woman as she believes that the support of her loved ones such as family and friends definitely goes a long way. She never fails to impress. She amazing at channeling her inner creative. The fashion blogger also loves to dance in her free time. She inspires to many people, for starters she even notes down everything she feels she is thankful, on a daily basis.

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Shehnaaz Gill’s Dance Cover on ‘Qismat ki hawa’ song

If there is someone in India who knows how to stay in the news, and in a nice way, then it is undoubtedly the beautiful Punjabi kudi Shehnaaz Gill. Whether it is due to #SidNaaz or her music videos, this girl has a natural talent for creating a buzz.

Recently, Shehnaaz’s dance cover on the song #Qismatkihawa has gone viral and if you are wondering why everything about Shehnaaz goes viral then you must watch this video.

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Top social media influencers of 2020!

With the pandemic, lockdown, travel restrictions, no street food, no street shopping and no hanging out with friends, there wasn’t much that 2020 didn’t’ rob us of.
But then we read a lot, reconnected with old friends, worked really hard and also entertained ourselves a lot. And then there were these amazing content creators, YouTubers, celebrities and other social media influencers helped us destress. Know them better!

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Most humorous Instagram pages you need to follow!

Having a sense of humour isn’t very rare but being able to express it in the digital world and showcase it to the world is definitely a not-so-common talent. With all the stress in our lives, compounded by the pandemic now, a lot of us are seeking refuge online to stay connected with friends, to know what’s going on around the world and definitely to look some light-hearted humour.

Instagram has an abundance of entertaining content and a lot of that content is humorous. There are many pages that have memes, jokes, witty quotes and even funny videos for refreshing our stressed brain. We’ve curated a few of these here for you, have a look!

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