Is it safe to eat ice cream during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period associated with mood swings and food cravings. These cravings, very often, include unhealthy foods that may not be good for the pregnant woman and the baby. Ice cream is a common food that pregnant women crave, and most women wonder if it is safe to eat ice cream during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant or know any pregnant lady then you must read on to know the pros and cons of eating ice cream during pregnancy.

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Why Are These Foods Super Addictive?

A big pack of potato chips or a second slice of delicious chocolate cake while watching Netflix is loved by almost everyone. Even though we try to escape and control ourselves, somehow, we end up consuming some food items. Such foods are called Super Addictive Foods.

Even though food addiction sounds harmless, but it can even lead to harmful diseases. But have you ever wondered why are these foods super addictive? Let’s find out!

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