How to save and revive your hair

We all grow old and gradually the signs of ageing appear on our face and skin, including the gray hair. But did you know that ageing takes a toll on the texture of your hair too? If not taken care of properly, ageing can cause brittle and unhealthy hair.

You can avoid the ageing of your hair by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. Here’s how to save and revive your hair to keep your tresses look forever young!

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Mayonnaise hair mask to fix your frizzy hair

Is frizzy hair one of your biggest concerns? Only people with frizzy hair know how hard it is to get along with them. Products designed to tame your strands don’t really work and the frizz is back once you stop the expensive hair treatments. If only we had an easy and pocket-friendly solution to it.

Search no more. This DIY hair mask will give you smooth hair and involves simple ingredients right from your kitchen!

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Top trending Men’s hairstyles – Don’t miss them!

Tired of your looks? One of the biggest fallouts of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown is that people experimented a lot with their looks and with no access to salons, men dared to try new things at home. Maybe it’s time for you to try something new. Here are some of the best men’s looks that you might want to try out.

Have a look at the complete range from short fades, undercuts to long man buns, and braids. See which one’s for you!

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Unbelievable that your body is capable of these things!

The human body is an amazing machine, there are so many things that we can do. We use our bodies every moment of our life yet we don’t know so much about them. The feats that the body can achieve can be more fantastic than the stretch of our imagination.

From the usual metabolic activity, unbelievable strength, complex functioning to breaking the obvious notion, some of these facts may seem weird but surely amaze you. Read on to find more.

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Increase in hair fall: Why and How to stop it.

If people say breakups hurt the most, they probably haven’t experienced hair fall. And if you find yourself agreeing to this statement, we’re on the same boat. Hair fall hurts so much more than just the disturbing sight of finding the precious locks everywhere from the floors to the showers!

However, not every hair fall is a cause of concern. If you’re shedding up to 100 hair strands a day, that’s considered pretty normal. But if it’s more, you should start working on it. Luckily, there are several remedies available and no, I’m not talking about injecting chemicals to your scalp, these remedies are completely NATURAL!

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