5 day DIY skincare challenge!

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder as much as it lies in the skin of the person in question. It’s been months of sitting idle/working from home and we’ve all the time in the world but nowhere to go. Want to make the best out of it? Take this 5-day lockdown skincare challenge! Wait, worried about the products?

Don’t worry, we feel you! This challenge only includes common household essentials! A bonus? We’ve also included the recipes! So skincare enthusiasts.. ready for a glowing week? 3..2..1.. here goes the challenge!

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Best Instagram Tips and tricks

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networks. There is a lot more to it than just posting photos and videos. You can use it to edit photos and save them without posting, decorating your profile with special fonts, scheduling photos and videos, and much more. If you are a content creator then you need to know Instagram inside-out.

Read on to know everything you need to master the social network.

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Indian House Jugaads: Solutions To Everyday Problems

Indians are known to be Gurus of Jugaad. Jugaad is a colloquial Indian word that can mean an innovative fix, a person who can solve a complicated issue or solutions that bend the rules. The hacks are omnipresent and every Indian uses these Jugaads almost everyday – A housewife in her kitchen, an executive in office, children with their toys, we all learn to use it in our daily lives but sometimes, some of us take it a bit too far.

Here are some of the Jugaads that’ll make you laugh and might give you some ideas as well.

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