What exactly does it mean when Girls say NO?

Bollywood movies have made songs about it and there have been jokes about it too, but there is a misogynistic stereotype about a girl saying “NO” and it is so deep-rooted in our society that we are almost blind towards it.

Please share with men and women alike. Don’t assume that all the women you know (including your mother, sister, spouse, neighbours, friends or boss) are empowered enough to speak up and don’t assume that all men you know (including your father, brother, spouse, neighbours, friends or boss) are sensitized enough to hear what is being said. Let’s start the movement to teach our society that #NomeansNO

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Weird Things Girls Do When Home Alone

When being home alone girls are totally different personalities. We love the freedom to do anything when we are alone and we do just about anything that pleases us. We channel our energies to do things that we always wish to, so we can be cute, borderline eccentric or even a little naughty when we want to. And what better time to do all that when we have the comfort of being at home with no one watching over us.

If you think you did something very weird and unexpected look at the list below where other women have done bizarre activities when no one was around.

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