Easy recipes when away from home.

It is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are living alone. When someone stays away from home the most missed thing is home-cooked food. The Covid-19 pandemic not only forced everyone to stay home but also forced everyone to try their hand at cooking also.

So now that you have grown comfortable with your kitchen, how about trying some delicious and yet easy recipes when you are away from home.

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Cake Fails: When bakers spoiled a perfect birthday!

We all love cakes and good cakes are a must for a good birthday celebration but then, baking a good cake isn’t a piece of cake. Expectation and reality can be two very different things but the images that you will see here will open your eyes wide open.

Enjoy this compilation of cake fails when the bakers literally destroyed a perfect birthday party. Even New Zealand PM, Jacinda Ardern’s cake bombed on a live TV show.

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Top 15 hilarious “Follow me for more” recipes

Just a while ago, Twitter was blowing up with the ‘art and artist’ meme trend which got people laughing. Now, we have a new one, in the block – ‘follow me for more recipes’. It’s all about recipes that sparked a wave of laughter not due to their preparation methods, or rather we can say the lack of it.

A lot of Twitter users decided to join the fun and made memes of their own. Have a look at few of the best – Bon Appétit!

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Cooking fails? You’re not alone :)

Quarantine has had a very deep impact on our lives from turning us into a binge-watching couch potato, making us to domestic chores for the first time in our life, to exposing our inner chefs like never before. For the newer chefs, cooking is a curate’s egg (though I don’t know why the pitfalls always outweigh the benefits, at least in my case). Cooking does come with lots of fails. You might feel you’re alone there but wait up… The world’s with you. There are enough of us involved in culinary extremism!

Not convinced enough? Here are some side-splitting cooking fails to make you feel better about yourself!

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