Signs That Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Is your phone behaving strangely? It might be a hacker. Unfortunately, phone hacking is a constant problem that can degrade your device’s performance and reveal your personal information. Cybercriminals may hack your phone to spy on you, take your money, or use phishing scams to target your contacts. However, it is not very difficult to safeguard yourself. This article will show you the sure-shot signs that your phone has been hacked.

Signs That Indicate Your Phone Is Hacked

Draining Battery

Battery drain Signs That Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Your phone battery drains when you use apps to stream videos like YouTube or go through your social feeds on Facebook or Instagram. However, if you notice that your battery life is dropping faster than usual, this could be a sign of a hack. Battery power is used by malware running in the background to monitor and record user behavior.

Unrecognizable apps

Our phones frequently come with pre-installed apps from manufacturers, and service providers may install apps on occasion as part of upgrades. Apps are quite ubiquitous in our daily life, and as a user, you should be aware of which apps are installed on your phone. When updates occur, it is advisable to authenticate the apps via Google search to ensure they are authentic. Otherwise, if a new app shows unexpectedly on your smartphone, it could be a clue that your phone has been hacked.

Increase in Data Usage

If you notice a big surge in your data use, this could be a warning sign that something is wrong. Examine your app’s data usage to see what is causing the rise. Hackers attempting to obtain information from your smartphone consume data in the background in order to follow your activities.


Malware for mobile devices, like malware for desktops, can generate pop-up windows demanding you to execute or do certain things on your phone. If you see a lot of pop-ups on your screen, your phone most likely has spyware or malware. Be cautious and avoid clicking on pop-ups.

Unknown Messages Or Calls

Receiving text or calls from unknown numbers may suggest that you have been the victim of a data breach. Answer calls from unknown numbers only if you expect them or can verify their authenticity. A hacked iPhone or Android phone can text all of its contacts. If the phone number of someone you know has been compromised, yours could be next. Examine your call logs for any unusual activity, and if you come across a number you don’t recognize, consider blocking the caller and reporting it as spam.

Phone Gets Heated Up

Is your iPhone or Android getting and staying hot even when not in use? Prolonged use, like any device, can cause your phone to become heated, especially if you’re streaming or gaming for extended periods of time. If that doesn’t happen and your phone still feels unusually hot, dangerous software may be at blame.

Reduced performance

Source: WhatArmy

Is your phone frequently dropping calls? Are you not receiving an SMS, or are your texts not being received? Is your phone always stopping, crashing, or restarting unexpectedly? Malware or unwanted background apps consuming your phone’s processing power could be the issue.

Unexpected charges on your phone bill

If your phone bill is higher than usual, you may be incurring unexpected charges from undesirable apps that are increasing your data usage. Fleeceware apps add-on extra charges to your bill, and if someone has remote access to your phone, they may take advantage of your subscriptions and other services. If you have any unwanted subscription payments on your phone bill, consider canceling them and deleting contaminated apps right away.

Strange Looking Websites

A malware-infested hacked iPhone or Android phone might direct you to undesirable, infected websites. If websites appear strange to you, they may have recently undergone a redesign, or you may have accidentally found an unsafe website.

SIM Card Hacking

SIM card swapping occurs when a hacker impersonates you and contacts your cell service provider to request a replacement SIM card. Once they have your new phone number, they will have access to all of your messages and information, and hackers will be able to take over your accounts.

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