No Dumbbell full-body workout routine

Exercising in the gym or at a fitness studio is great, but sometimes all you need is your home workout especially during vacations or work trips. Most of us still do not have round-the-clock access to the gym and the weights and machines. However, you really do not need such equipment for your full-body workout. How’s that possible? Let us take you through a no dumbbell full-body workout routine.

There is no doubt that dumbbells can help elevate your workout session to a completely different level. However, if all you need is some cardio, strength training, or a normal workout, you can get your body moving without dumbbells as well.

Regardless of whether you work out at home or need to give the dumbells a rest, we’ve assembled a rundown of a full-body workout that does not require the use of dumbells.

Best Alternatives For Dumbbells

If you are just a beginner or someone who wants to work out at home but does not like to invest a lot of money, these creative alternatives for dumbells will help you in your workout.

no dumbbell full-body workout waterbottle
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So if you find yourself without dumbbells, you can try one of these creative options.

  • Canned items
  • Books
  • Filled water bottles
  • Your own body weight
  • A packet of rice or beans
  • Exercise Bands
  • Cutlery
  • Bag of any fruit or vegetable
  • Laundry Detergent bottles
  • Ankle Weights

Full Body Workouts Without Dumbbells

The warmup

Even if you are a beginner or do advanced workouts; warming up your body is crucial. You can go brisk jogging or walk for five minutes followed by some stretches to minimize soreness. Once you are done with this article, do read Why and how to warm up before workout!

No Dumbbells full-Body workout for beginners

Beginners can go with plank, push-up, squat, and jumping jacks. Even though these are common but are very effective exercises that aim to improve all the muscle regions of your body.

no dumbbell full-body workout pushups
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Equipment Needed: None

  • 5 Reps of Push-Ups (Start with your knees on the floor)
  • 10 Reps of Bodyweight Squats
  • 10 Reps of Alternating forward lunges
  • 16 Reps of Plank Taps (Keep your knees on the floor)
  • 20 Reps Jumping Jacks

Take a rest of 45 seconds before repeating the circuit all over again. Try to time yourself and perform only those many sets that you can do in a given period of time.

Intermediate No Dumbbells full-Body workout

This workout is an advancement from the beginner body workout. The intermediate no dumbbells workout includes more advanced exercises and incorporates the use of weights and hence you can either use water bottles or things of your own interest from your home.

Source: Women’s Health

Equipment Needed: Dumbbell substitute of your own choice.

  • 10 Bulgarian Split Squats per leg
  • 2-4 Laps of Walking lunges
  • 15 Decline Push-Ups
  • 16 reps of Sumo Squats
  • 16 to 20 reps of Push-Ups
  • 16 reps of Chest Pressure
  • 16 reps of Dumbbell Pullovers(Use any other alternative)
  • 10 Pike Presses
  • 30 Mountain Climbers

Advanced No Dumbbells full-Body workout

Advanced No Dumbbells full-Body workout
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Those who want to step up their workout game without spending a lot of money can go with this set of workouts. You will definitely need proper planning and preparation along with that conscious time and effort in order to allow real strength and progress gains.

  • 10 Reps of One-Legged Squats (each side)
  • 20 Reps of Bodyweight Squats
  • 20 Walking Lunges (10 each leg)
  • 20 Jump Step-Ups (10 each leg)
  • 10 Reps of Pull-Ups
  • 10 Reps of Dips – Bar Stools
  • 10 Reps of Chin-Ups
  • 10 Reps of Push-Ups
  • 30 Reps of Second Plank

Don’t overcomplicate your workout—it shouldn’t be extravagant or mind-boggling to be effective. In addition to the workout, consuming a balanced diet is also a key piece of the fitness puzzle. It will not show up in physical changes but will make you stronger and more powerful from the inside. And hey! don’t forget to cool down after your workout is complete.

It’s wrongly believed that you need to go to the gym and lift a lot of weights for an incredible workout. For muscle and strength building you just need your body, gravity, and a no-quit resolve. Bodyweight training will assist you with getting the body you’ve for a long time needed.

Like everything in life, for fitness too, all you need is a little creativity and a readiness to break from convention. When you free your brain, you’ll release a totally different approach to train your body that is amazingly pleasant and also FREE! Do read out about our other post on Gym Bag essentials.

Also, don’t forget to check out our health section for a lot many such articles that can help you stay fit and healthy. Eat well, exercise well and keep visiting Piccle for more 🙂

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