How to save and revive your hair

We all grow old and gradually the signs of ageing appear on our face and skin, including the gray hair. But did you know that ageing takes a toll on the texture of your hair too? If not taken care of properly, ageing can cause brittle and unhealthy hair. You can avoid the ageing of your hair by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle. Here’s how to save and revive your hair to keep your tresses look forever young!

Habits to avoid

While ageing is natural and you can’t do anything to stop it or slow it down, you can certainly control your habits.

How to save and revive your hair
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Smoking and alcohol

Both smoking and alcohol lead to dehydration which causes hair loss. Alcohol deprives hair of essential elements like iron, zinc, folic acid and vitamins, smoking interferes with blood circulation in the scalp. Quit smoking/consumption of alcohol and not just your hair but your overall health will thank you for it.


Ok, so this is;t for everyone. But if you are involved in any kind of substance abuse then you should read this. Drugs have been actively linked to deteriorating hair structure. In addition to interfering with the blood flow, drugs not only harm the structure but the cuticle layer of hair as well. In fact, unhealthy hair is considered to be one of the common signs of addiction.

Excessive stress conditions

Stress affects the hair both directly and indirectly. Exessive stress can lead to an increase in muscle tension, sebum production and cause hormonal changes, all of which lead to hair loss. Stressful conditions also cause hair loss directly by affecting proper self-care. Hairfall due to stress is usually.

  • Alopecia areata: Clumps of hair fall out within weeks. Hair usually regrows on its own but professional help might be required.
  • Telogen effluvium: Hair growth is stunted and falls after 2-3 months. Hair regrows within 9 months.

Irregular eating and sleeping habits

Save and revive your hair

Truly said, you are what you eat! If you have irregular eating habits, it can lead to a deficiency of nutrients which is essential for hair growth and thus, lead to hair fall. Also, take care to have a good sleeping routine since proper sleep aids in the working of hormones and protein synthesis for hair growth. Studies have linked melatonin, a hormone that regulates your sleep patterns, to hair growth.

Eating excessive fries and junk food

Fries are deep-fried in oil and junk food seldom have good food value. Oil leads to an increase in the production of scalp oil which leads to hair loss. Having junk food daily deprives you of essential nutrients which leads to brittle and unhealthy hair.

It’s best to limit consumption of junk food to not more than twice per week. Remember – the lesser, the better.

Tight hairstyles like buns & ponytails

Hairstyles such as tight ponytails, buns or cornrows can put pressure on the hair follicles and can lead to damaged hair. It often leads to Traction alopecia, a kind of hair loss caused by trauma to the hair. Constant pressure on the roots can also lead to permanent hair loss.

Excessive chemicals and heat

Both heat and chemicals make hair extremely dry and brittle. Chemicals often break the bonds forming hair and damage them while heat removes the water bound to hair depriving it of moisture.

Habits to adopt

How to save and revive your hair

While you avoid the harmful habits, make sure to follow these!

  • Have a proper sleep routine and make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep.
  • Have a diet rich in proteins and multivitamins. Eat at proper intervals.
  • Avoid excessive oiling and massaging of the scalp.
  • Regular exercising and yoga will go a long way to help both your hair and overall health as well.

We hope you found these pointers worthwhile. Inculcate these habits and you’ll have good hair days, always. You may also like to have a look at Difference between male and female skin and how to take care of it.

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